Cantina Alice Bel Colle S.C.A.

  • Moscato D'Asti DOCG


“Cantina Alice Bel Colle” located in Monferrato area has about 110 members for a total property of 370
hectares of vineyards. Each partner personally knows his vineyard, row by row. A culture and a dedication born on our hills and handed down from father to son.
A context in which the tradition marries the professionalism by combining the modernity and the innovation with the love for our land and our job.
Our region is particularly suitable for the production of aromatic wines such as Bracchetto of Acqui DOCG and Moscato of Asti DOCG; this soil profile predisposition has led to a particular specialization in the cultivations.
In our cellar the devotion and the professionalism of our partners becomes a unique wine as result of an
accurate grapes selection and a reduction of the yield per hectare.
These precious wines are the result of an accurate and attentive selection of the best grapes of our
production and of a vinification handled with care in order to summarize the aromas and the fragrances of our land and let them live in a glass.


Regione Stazione, 9
– Alice Bel Colle
15010 Italy
Phone: +39 0144 74103


“Le Casette di Alice” Moscato d’Asti DOCG

Moscato bianco
Alcohol: 5.5 % vol
Acidity: 5.5