Casa Vinicola Abbazia di San Gaudenzio srl

  • Asti Spumante DOCG


Abbazia wine estate is located in Santo Stefano Belbo, a small village in south of Piedmont.
We are in the center of what is called “Moscato valley”, surrounded by vineyards defined heroic
because of the steepness of these hills.
The sedimentary and marine origin of the soil, mixed with limestone, sand and plenty of mineral
salts gives to the wines complexity, elegance and lightness.

Since 1848, we have produced 6 million of bottles in 60 ha of vineyards, directly managed in 4 different estates
Export more than 95% in 40 countries in the word. We are specialized in the production on the aromatic grapes, like Moscato. Some years ago we recovered the rare Moscato black grapes from which we produce the Moscato sparkling rosè.

We have the technology to produce sparkling wine with Martinotti method using the closed tanks with the controlled temperature. In this way we can preserve the bouquet of the wines. This know-how has been our family’s heritage for generations. We have been crafting sparkling wines for over 170 years.


Via Abbazia, 6
– Santo Stefano Belbo
12057 Italy
Phone: 0141 840808
Fax: 0141 843346


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