Marchesi di Barolo

  • Moscato D'Asti DOCG


Marchesi di Barolo Estate encompasses vineyards in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato Nicese areas, some of the finest in Piedmont, recognized as UNESCO heritage site. The cellars are in the centre of the
village of Barolo, right in front of that castle which was once the home to the last Marquises Falletti of
Barolo – Carlo Tancredi and Juliette – founders of the winery who first vinify Nebbiolo grapes in a dry style.
For this rich and precious grape, Marquise Juliette created magnificent wine cellars to facilitate its
fermentation and aging process in large fine oak barrels: Barolo, as we know it today, was born here. When the Falletti dynasty came to an end in 1864 with Marquise Juliette’s death, the winery was donated to the Opera Pia Barolo – a Charity Administration created by Juliette herself – and then acquired in 1929 by the local wine producer Pietro Abbona. Since then, the estate has been under the direction of the Abbonas as their family business. After five generations in the wine business, the mission of the family still consists in knowing how to marry “tradition and evolution” by combining ancient winemaking techniques with the ability to present their wines in a contemporary way, according to the most authentic and sought-after trends in “Made in Italy” food and winemaking. The Abbonas, armed with great human and winemaking experience, present themselves and their company “Marchesi di Barolo”, as faithful interpreters of the native varietals and their locations, respecting them and rigorously preserving the typical qualities, focusing on the peculiarities of every single vineyards.

Historic cellars

Via Roma, 1
– Barolo
12060 Italy
Phone: +39 0173 56.44.19


Via Alba, 12
– Barolo
12060 Italy
Phone: +39 0173 56.44.00


“Zagara” Moscato d’Asti DOCG

Moscato bianco
Alcohol: 5 % vol
Acidity: Moderate
Overpressure: -3 bar