Tenuta Olim Bauda

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In the Bertolino family, the tradition for viticulture and oenology has been handed down from father to
son for over a century. Four generations of vine growers and wine merchants have succeeded one
The Bertolino family comes from the municipality of Castelnuovo Calcea, where they already made and
traded in wine over a century ago. Later, the family moved to Nizza Monferrato as work increased in the
1950s and the rapidly expanding urban agglomeration of Nizza better suited the needs of a growing
In 1961, Agostino bought the Villa De Negri known as Bauda founding Tenuta Olim Bauda.
Today, the company is run by the brothers and it has about 100 hectares of organic land located in various municipalities of the Asti area; the company’s vineyards extend over a total of about 30 hectares
identified in the areas of greatest vocation.
In the wine-making cellar, which was renovated in 1998, the most modern technology is used to obtain
the best results from the wine-making processes. From the crusher to the press, the tools are designed
to press the grapes as softly as possible. The vats used for fermentation are exclusively stainless steel
and their temperature is controlled at every stage to ensure the best possible result. The technology that
assists the early stages of vinification gives way to the more rigorous tradition of using wooden barrels
of different sizes for malolactic fermentation and wine ageing.
The delicate technical assistance to all the operations that take place in the company, in the different
phases of vine cultivation and vinification, is carried out by the co-owner Bertolino Dino.


Via Prata, 50
– Incisa Scapaccino
14045 Italy
Phone: +39 0141 702171


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